Am reading the most interesting book, “Anticancer, A New Way of Life” by Dr. David Servan-Schreiber. I noticed it on the bookshelf at Border’s and didn’t realize it is actually a new book. And I’ve read similar books in the past, but this one seems more compelling, or maybe it’s just the mood I’m in. I’m annoyed about lots of things: cancer, Sarah Palin, learning disabilities in children, the economy, etc.

This book, however, clearly demonstrates how environmental factors in developed parts of our world are causing huge increases in cancer, at earlier and earlier ages. I think most people—even some cancer survivors—are not convinced that environmental factors are ruining not only our environment, but our health. And when you say “environmental factors,” he is not referencing only pollutants in the external world, but rather how these pollutants have made their way predominantly into our meat and dairy sources, and that when we eat them… well, then, we have them in our bodies too. Apparently vegetables also have the pesticides, etc. but not anywhere near the same degree as meat/dairy.

Ever since my breast cancer diagnosis 3.5 years ago, I have avoided dairy. And I haven’t eaten red meat in 24 years, although I did still eat chicken and fish. But, to be honest, I avoided dairy completely for about the first 6 months post-diagnosis, and then dairy products started slowly slipping back into my diet. They are not easy to avoid, and hey, they do taste good! I did successfully replace my use of cow milk with almond milk exclusively. But things like pizza did creep back in. I’m thinking I need to make a much more concerted effort to remove them, as well as the sugar/corn syrup fiasco. The glucose that these substances create in our bodies actually fuels tumor growth. I don’t need that.

I am intrigued by the number of people who just FLAT OUT have zero interest in this topic. It’s not a book just for cancer survivors. It’s a book that details how not to ever GET cancer, and you simply don’t know if that is going to be you, your spouse, your parent, your best friend—you just don’t know. So why stay so happily uninformed when this is an area that we can control rather easily?


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