Six Weeks on Ibrutinib = Minor Side Effects

So in general, I feel fine. I don’t notice that I feel any better than I did before I started Ibrutinib. Nor do I notice that I feel any worse. I will post my basic bloodwork after I run through the minor side effects that I have noticed to date.

First 2 weeks: I noticed nothing different.

First 4 weeks: Add two more weeks to the regimen and I start noticing pretty unsightly bluish, purple and red bruising in places that I have zero recollection of bumping. So that part kinda sucks. Yes, I live in Chicago and it is getting cold and I will wear long sleeves and pants/leggings for the next 8 months, but what about in June, July and August!

We are fortunate to live a few blocks from Lake Michigan and I love meeting friends down there on the weekends or for beach dinners at night. The bruising is very obvious. As in, anyone who knows me—as well as total strangers—will wonder what the hell is wrong with me. I know, I know, it is a small price to pay for my health, and a price I am certainly willing to pay. But I wanted to honestly report the drug’s effects on me.

The photo image was taken today. This bruise is on day 9 or so, and is “healing,” meaning it was much darker a few days ago.

Along with the bruising, I’ve noticed that many minor cuts seem to be taking a long…. long… time to heal. I am judiciously applying antibiotic ointment to them, to hopefully avoid any sort of infection. And today, I even put a bandaid over one minor cut to help speed recovery.

Mouth sores: I have been getting canker sores or something similar along the teeth line on both sides of my inside gums. Nothing too bothersome, but I did some research from other CLL’s and have taken to brushing my teeth with Squigle Tooth Builder Sensitive Toothpaste and rinsing a couple times a day with Prevention Antibacterial Non-Alcohol Mouth Rinse. Buy here >> Squigle Toothpaste and here >> Prevention Antibacterial Mouth Rinse. So far, so good. They have cleared up for now.

First 6 weeks: I would say I’m always kinda prone to constipation, but it has gotten notably worse. I am working on increasing my fiber intake to remedy the situation and will report back if my solution works!

So that is kinda it. I will post my blood results this weekend after I get another blood draw tomorrow. Have a great Wednesday!


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