Tomorrow: MD Anderson again

This week Venetoclax is added to my daily pill intake. I fly down to Houston tomorrow afternoon, and meet my dad. We are staying at the Elan Medical Center condos again, although this time, I may be in the hospital for 2 of the 3 nights. TBD.

So Wednesday morning, I start my series of CT scans bright and early. I have to drink the contrast liquid an hour beforehand, and you don’t receive the contrast liquid until you check in, so you sit in the large waiting room sipping on this big glass of liquid for 60 minutes, and finally they call you. Overall, an easy experience, just takes time. Then I head to get my blood drawn, and from there to my quarterly bone marrow biopsy (not so enjoyable). But hopefully it will yield results showing that my WBC are going down. And hopefully they will get it done quicker this time. Supposed to take 15 minutes… last time took 45 because my marrow is “sticky”—not sure this is a true medical term.

After all the testing, I see my doctor and then he is admitting me to the hospital to take my first dose of Venetoclax. They start the dosing really low now (because of serious problems in the past with patients taking higher initial doses). So after getting into the hospital, which I am sure will take forever, I pop my 20 mg of Venetoclax—and then they watch me like a hawk. At 10pm, I take my “usual” dose of 420 mg of Ibrutinib. I have to stay in Houston until end-of-day Friday and then can fly back home. Same scenario (minus the scans and biopsy) takes place for the following 4 weeks until I reach the optimal Venetoclax dose. It is going to be a crazy, exhausting, travel-filled December for me. I hope everything goes well and that I have energy for my children and my job when I am home.


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