Venetoclax first dose

Just got back from 3 days at MD Anderson. This visit marks the beginning of Month 4, dose 1. I continue taking the Ibrutinib and now have weekly dose escalations of Venetoclax (ABT-199).

My initial blood draw pegged my WBC at 250,00–still way too high to start the medication as an outpatient. So after bone marrow biopsy (super painful this time!!) and CT scans, I was admitted to a leukemia floor at MDA for 48-hour monitoring.

In that time period, I must have had at least 8 blood draws. WBC started dropping immediately after the first dose. By the time I was discharged, WBC were down to 170,000. My RBC also went down so I needed a couple pints of blood transfusion (first ever).

I go back down in 5 days for a repeat 3-day, inpatient stay for week two, dose two. Exhausting but hopefully so worth it.


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